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A Very Short Trip To The Sanur Festival 2016

We wanted to experience a local festival, and as we saw signs for the Sanur Festival. I thought it would be awesome to go. Our lovely driver suggested that it could be done on one of the days he took us out so we wouldn't have to worry about transport.

The HUGE Bali Botanical Gardens

We love a good botanic garden.  We have certainly been to some of the best in the world (Cairns and Singapore spring to mind more than others). So when we were asked if we wanted to visit the botanic gardens in Bali, we just couldn’t say no. 

Nusa Dua and the Water Blow

Driving into this area was something else, high security isn't the word. Apparently, the only way into this part of town is to pass through these checkpoints, and they are there because of a bombing that happened in Bali some time ago.

OMG we got to Hold a Baby Turtle at Turtle Island Pulau Serangan

The Turtle Island Pulau Serangan was a beautiful suggestion by our very professional driver Wayan Bawa; he said as we have time we should visit this turtle sanctuary. Cool!

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