The Mother Temple in Bali

If was one of the last full day tours we had in Bali.  We had been past Mount Agung, and now it was time to head to the mother temple. This cultural and historical site has become such a tourist...

Its So Nice To Have Some British Cream Teas After Our Long Travels

We had been back just 2 days and Tina was getting the shakes for having gone so long without some great British cream teas. We were at that point staying down in the New Forest and the nearest ones...

Sharing my passion for Marrakech with Non-travellers

Morocco has always been a magical place for me. I was able to show a small piece of this country to one of my best friends and my mum, when they decided to join me for one of my journey. Seeing Marrakech through the eyes for Non-traveller was a completely new experience of me.

The Final Return To Eat Street Market in Brisbane

Our final visit to Eat Street Market before we headed home. Sampling some of the very best street food you will find in Brisbane. Have a read of the soft shell taco, loaded friends, and our unique dessert you see here.

OMG, OMG We Got To Release A Baby Sea Turtle

OMG, OMG! So, we were lucky enough to visit a sea turtle sanctuary earlier on in our trip to Bali. But this was a whole new level of awesome. Tina woke up one morning and was pursuing Facebook. When she came...

A Paradise in the Midst of a War Zone they say

Traveling is not free but when you have the will to wander it will be easy. Yes we all want to go to places that we're not been before, to explore, to experience new things, to discover great food, and to find ourselves along the journey. I travel not to show to others and bragged about it. I travel because I want to add story to my book of life. I'm sharing to you one of my personal favorite place on earth, my home. It's a great place to start then later on, explore the world and its wonders.

The Top 10 best viewpoints of Lisbon

Voted “Europe’s leading city break destination” in 2009, 2010 and 2013 by WorldTravelAwards; Lisbon has become a major force in the tourism/travel industry.A rich history, strategic location, a beautiful blend of ancient and modern architecture, attractive weather and temperature, welcoming locals, and affordable; Lisbon has nothing to be shy of compared to other European capitals cities. Dubbed the “Seven Hills”, the landscape of Lisbon has the advantages to offer magnificent panoramic viewpoints. Those viewpoints will offer a perfect panorama over one of the oldest city in Western Europe. You must include some in your portfolio when it comes the time for you to visit the capital of Portugal. We went out and collected the Top 10 for you.

Stepping For Others

If you look up or type adventure in a dictionary you’ll find experience as a synonym, and travelling to another country with a different spoken language can be definitely one, a reminder of the importance of being kind and sympathetic to others, no matter where we you are, what your language is or where you are from. We all are in the same type of adventure, life.

Isola de Francesco: A Hidden Oasis

“Isola de Francesco, an island off the coast of Panglao, Bohol rich in natural wonders and spirituality. This island has a spiritual and religious significance. Not to mention its sand bar and white sand beaches that leaves tourist at awe.”

Reasons to Travel Alone

Spontaneous and adventurous; those are the two words that I would always tell people when asked what kind of person am I. Traveling and eating are two of my favorite things to do. I like trying out new things, discovering new places and meeting new people.