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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Contributor Memberships

So, what makes our memberships and writing for us so unique? Well, we limit our contributors per tier. Meaning we can focus on growing your followers using our platform. Our memberships are geared towards the novice, just getting started travel blogger through to the more experienced established blogger too.


Well. We know full well how hard it is to create a brand, build a website (or pay something potentially thousands to make one for you), create your social media, and then grow those accounts. We have done the hard work for you. We give you your very own dedicated page to you and your articles. Yes, people can find them among the hundreds already on here. You need one where you can introduce yourself, show your pieces, and have people get in contact with you directly.


  • Saving you hundreds (if not thousands) on a web developer to build you a website.
  • Saving you a small fortune on maintenance costs when things go wrong (and they will).
  • Every single one of our eBooks (launching later on in the year and depending on membership tier).
  • eMail contact with us using a dedicated email to answer your travel questions.
  • Depending on membership tier money can’t buy opportunities to score some sponsorship. We mean some accommodation, meal, and something incredible to do. This will come with conditions that we will tell you about as and when.

The ability to save yourself well over £3,000 A YEAR! We know, we saved over £10,000 just in 2016 alone!

We have 4 different memberships at 4 different price points. By purchasing an annual membership you are receiving 2 months absolutely free.

Our best package though is, of course, our lifetime membership. Our lifetime memberships last at least 5 years but will continue for as long as we are running the website. Which we anticipate being decades! Our lifetime memberships are actually only the cost of 4 annual memberships.

Choose Your Membership Package

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£19.99 one off


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In More Detail…

Article Upload

There is nothing worse than having all these great articles but no platform to put them on. We we take all the stress, hassle, and headache with having your own website.

With all memberships, you can upload unlimited unique articles directly onto the website. Once approved they will be live for the world to see.

Closed Facebook Group

Get access to our closed private contributor Facebook page. A place where we exchange ideas, stories, and get help and advice with any technical issues you may have.

It will also be the first place you will be told about new features we will be bringing to the website before ANYONE ELSE!

Directory Listing

Another place where you can promote yourself and what you are about. giving people your social media links, website URL, photos, description.

You will be searchable in our very own Travel Blogger section of the directory. One of the best features is that you can have people email you directly from the listing!

eBooks (Coming Soon)

Over the next few months, we will be adding more and more eBooks to help you on your journey. Giving you tips, advice, hacks, and just some incredible stories that you can just download and read offline without needing to use any mobile data.

All eBooks will cost between 99p and £4.99 depending on the size and topic.

Social Media Discounts

We have well over 80,000 followers across all our social media we can get you in front of thousands of potential new followers and/or customers. We will promote your author page across all social media channels once per purchase.

You can purchase more listings to use at a later date as the pricing changes monthly depending on our following.

eCourses (Coming Soon)

Do you to grab an eCourse in setting out social media, your own website, or how to create your own vlog. You can have access to these directly from your account. Set into modules and easy to understand sections.

Our eCourses will start from £299 to £999 each and will be amended frequently.

Webinars (Coming Soon)

Get your questions answered and more in our weekly hor long webinars. We will be giving you exclusive tips and help in growing your following, how we obtained over £10,000 of free stuff, to how we travelled around New Zealand for 2 weeks on £200!

Each webinar if you want to listen outside of the membership will cost £30. Saving you over £1,500 at least!

Chance for Free Stuff

Only for our suite members, we can provide you with the opportunity for FREE things such as a meal in a restaurant, bed for the night, exciting things to do, or travel related products.

The terms of the freebie would be communicated to you before confirming with the business. We are getting these sort of opportunities all the time!

Product Discounts

Grab yourself a whopping 10% off all official Look at our World merchandise.

If the product is discounted this will automatically be shown when you log in.

And Finally… Lifetime Memberships Are Just That… A Lifetime!