On The Road

The Incredible Wayan Bawa, Our Bali Driver

I bet there are hundreds if not thousands of drivers around Bali.  But we were assured his English was excellent and very reasonably priced.  So we thought, why not.  We added him on Facebook and informed him of our arrival.

The Beautiful Little Town of Rosewood in Queensland

Home to my mum and youngest sister.  Rosewood is located around 60 minutes west of Brisbane. To put it into a context of how remote this little town is, you have a single supermarket which is by English standards, tiny.

Our Few Hours in Port Douglas

So it was somewhat spare of the moment, but we decided to take a drive to this beautiful little town. We were staying in Cairns (about an hour away) and thought we would take a relaxing trip to this beautiful city.

Pills, Illness and Just Being Fed up While You’re Traveling

Okay, so I’ll try and not be a complete ‘Debbie Downer’ throughout this whole post. But it might not be easy, so if you...

Our Plans for 2016:

Our plans for 2016, well what's left of it! Well, what a sweeping statement this is indeed! What can I possibly say about how...

Tina and Her Trip to A&E

Yep, you guessed it; Tina just had to sample Ipswich’s most excellent doctors in the A&E department. I hadn’t been well for a good two...

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