About Us

Look at our World was first thought up by Lee and Tina Webber. It was while we were selling all our belongings to embark on our first travels. We decided to create an online diary.

This diary very quickly became something much bigger than we had ever imagined. 5,000 followers very quickly became 25,000. Leading us to where we are now. 97,000 and going strong (as of February 2022). It was with such a following it was decided to branch out and open the website to the rest of the world to contribute to.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in saving you money and giving you the opportunity to obtain sponsored meals, accommodation, and incredible things to do.

For now, we have settled down and based on the south coast of the UK (just outside Brighton), enjoying our life as our little family. We will be uploading as frequently as we explore our local area a more.

We will be looking at adding more about us throughout 2022 and beyond.