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We’re not going to lie, we haven’t travelled anywhere near as much as we would have probably liked to over the past 2 years or so. Through one thing or another, it’s just not been possible.

One thing we loved playing while travelling were card games. The ones that can be packed in your pocket and then played anywhere there is a flat surface. This is where Red Card Games has come about.

We know you want that quick 20-30 minute game to pay that short bus ride, or while your waiting for your delayed flight (which always happened to us). So, all our games we are currently developing can be played in 30 minutes or less. We are working on the rules so they can be played from 1-20+ players. We can’t wait to share with you our goal and vision.

You can visit our new website Red Card Games and register to receive updates direct to your email.

What’s That…

This is going to be the first game we will bring to market over the next few months, bringing together you love for either movies, tv shows, and video games (or a combination of all three is you wish).

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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