24 Hours in Arizona

A 24 hours road trip in Arizona was enough to dust away from the idea of just cactuses and desert all around. The Grand Canyon state, as it is known. Is one with the most mix and match places to travel in the United States.

With ski resorts, national parks, summer temperatures, and winter snowfalls. Travellers are able to experience the fours seasons’ trough one-day expedition.


Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun. The starting point to be amazed by the landscape and native flora of the Sonoran Desert. The City Mountains and trails are the perfect scenery for an outdoor adventure. Like rock climbing, golf or even hot air balloon ride.


Just two hours from Phoenix, you have the Sedona’s Bell Rock red sandstone formations. The formations are some of the most vibrant backdrops for hiking and mountain biking in the world. With an old town full of New Age shops, spas, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants, Sedona mixes beauty and mysticism in just a blink.


The Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive between Sedona and Flagstaff will transport you to a forest painting.

Despite Arizona’s aridity, almost 30% of the state is forest cover in natural foliage and forested trees. Along this 16 miles of one of the most world-famous spectacular driving scenery, visitors can choose to enjoy the view at picnic areas, cliffs, campgrounds and swimming hotels.

At the end of the road, Flagstaff a small town with an active cultural scene attracts contemporary artists, musicians, lots of festivals during the summer and annual cross country ski races during the winter.

Arizona is the place to shift between getaway resorts, outdoor adventures, nightlife, culture and nature beauty. Reasons why Arizonians don’t lie when they say there’s nothing like an Arizona sunset, a sky tint in red and orange that sketches clouds almost 300 days of the year.

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