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Australia Just Doesn’t Seem To Do Kebabs Like They Do At Home

We were heading up to Toowoomba to experience the Carnival of Flowers.  We stopped off at a service station in Plainlands for-a spot of breakfast.  You know, the sort of breakfast that would clog up all your vital arteries.

The family all went for a KFC breakfast.  Whereas, I went for a nice kebab.  I have been to Australia on, and off for the past five years, and I have never eaten an Origin Kebab.

They are nothing like the backstreet kebab house back here in Blighty.  There is nothing better than having a nice doner kebab, oozing with garlic mayonnaise, lettuce and onion.  OMG, my mouth is salivating about chomping into a kebab from our local.

However, this is not about my love for-the greasy meat.  We are here to talk about the kebab from Origin Kebabs.

So, I had seen many of these being prepared before.  About $10 you get a large kebab wrap, with your choice of fillings.  From cheese, jalapeños, carrot and beetroot.  I just went for the plan lettuce, onion, cheese and jalapeños.  All smothered in some garlic aioli.

“Would you like that grilled, sir?” Why, of course i said.

I certainly seemed a much healthier way of munching on a much loved British.  However, it will never replace doner meat, ‘neatly’ nestled in a warm pitta with all the usual suspects and garlic mayo.

So my nomadic friends, feast away.  You will not be getting you elbows greasy with this bad boy!

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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