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Wet n Wild, My First Waterpark Experience

Okay so before you read this, you kinda have to understand that with my copious amounts of body issues, I’ve never been to a water park as an adult. I think the last time I went near such a place was when I was eleven and I was on holiday with my parents in America. It’s not the only reason because as a kid I always used the excuse that I didn’t feel safe and it was too high, you know the usual scaredy cat excuses.

So even though I probably have more body issues now then I’ve ever had, wet and wild water park was on the cards! Eeeeek, gulp I did it and to be fair, I kinda go again.

So the first terrifying thrill ride was ‘Mammoth falls’ it was an awesome white water rafting experience, the rafts sit four people, perfect for me, Lee and his little sister (Abbie) and her partner (Harley). Blimey just thinking of that walk up was terrifying, just concrete steps and open bars all the way to the top. My face must have been a picture because this was it I was about to do something I’ve never done before, and it was awesome. I didn’t feel unsafe going down in the slightest, it was terrific and couldn’t wait to have another go.

The next ride we ventured on well wasn’t really a ride but the wave pool. It was weird, do you go with the flow or do you try and stay in the same place and fight the waves. I want with the flow, but even that had its difficulties, it pushes you back and bumps you into everyone else. It was an odd experience but cool too, bobbing up and down. Hehe

Next was the ‘Constrictor’ a ride with not one but three, 360 degrees coils in the tubular coil ride. Oh my days, an even bigger gulp but after the first one I was up for the challenge. It was just a two-person ride, so Lee and I went down this one, it was faster than the first but just as thrilling but getting out of this one proved a little more difficult because I bashed my knee, oops!

So a little slower pace was needed, and we all headed to ‘Calypso Beach’ or the ‘lazy river’ as it’s fondly known as too. You just grab a giant inflatable ring and let the current take you found the soft general curves of the beach; it was so nice just to float round and round. Hehe and oh course we didn’t try at tip each other over or drag each other the waterfall.

After our packed lunch we headed towards the ‘Super8 Aqua Racer’ or the giant wavey slide if you like, okay so I was doing this regardless, no security of sitting with someone else this time! It was just me and the giant water slide, still to this day I can’t believe that I did it. I was determined to have that experience, and it was awesome, it only makes me a little bit sorry that I haven’t done anything like this sooner.

It was getting a little chilly by this point, so we decided to head towards the ‘Whirlpool Springs’ oh my goodness it was so lovely, from the chill in the air to the warm embrace of the hot tubs. We spend what seemed like the whole afternoon hiding in there from the cold breeze although when we did get out the cold hit us like a ton of bricks, we even dipped into the kiddies pool on our way to the lockers just to ease the chill at little. It was a really good way to spend a day, and for a novice like me, it was a great experience.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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