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Sea World, Gold Coast in Australia

Well we purchased a pass that allowed us to visit some of the attractions on the Gold Coast.  Yes, i know this is not our ethos, but my sister who has lived in Australia for nearly 10 years swears by them and in the Australian heat you can visit Wet ’n’ Wild with the pass.  For less than £50 each we really couldn’t argue with it.

You arrive, and even if you leave it slightly later than opening you will find yourself parking what seems like a mile away from the entrance.  Having said that, its not to far.  We had a annual pass so we needed to get that printed off, etc.  When inside you are greeted with a huge water arena right where all the main food places are (unless you like paying over the odds for really bad fast food, take your own).

The park itself, it quite narrow but really long.  However you can get a monorail to the end of the park (where the dolphins are).  We planned out what we wanted to do, we had the following itinerary for the day.

  • Jet stunt show
  • Sea Lion show
  • Dolphin show

In between that we had all the general things to have a look at, such as the creatures from the deep exhibit, penguins, sting ray, polar bears, and sharks.

You will find various shows on twice a day so you can plan your day out differently, but i would say get there when the park opens and spend the day taking everything in.  If you are still stuck for something to do, you have a bit of a water area and some high ropes that the older children (yes, i mean you adults), and a massive jungle play area thing for the little kiddies.


  • Take food with you in a cool box, otherwise you will be paying upwards of $15 for a really crap meal,
  • Plan you day, with so much to see and do it will really pay off,
  • Arrive as early as you can so you don’t miss out on anything going on in the park, and finally
  • Take and wear plenty of sun cream.  Being on the coast it can get quite windy, this will mask the fact when you get home you will be looking like a lobster.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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