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The Ever Reliable Donatello’s in the Heart of Brighton.

The date was the 28th March. The day after our wedding. It was a great couple of days having the whole family over. What made it special was we were all together for my fathers 60th birthday. 

Why did I still had a sad feeling inside me. It takes a special event such as our wedding to get everyone to come together with no fuss, or problems.

So after the birthday present giving, we took the short walk from the Airbnb the rest of the family were staying at to Donatello’s Italian restaurant.  Having booked ahead I really didn’t need to. The place was DEAD! Like, we had the table booked for downstairs, and we were the only ones in there.

Oh the joys of finding something to order.

Donatello is quite famous here in Brighton for their cheap 3 course dinners. You can get yourself a starter, main, and dessert  for the incredibly reasonable £11.95. You can check out there latest Food Menu for yourself.

I had not been here for years, yet they still have the same menu they had back then. So, my trusted starter was the garlic mushrooms, followed by the Leonardo pizza, finished off with the chocolate profiteroles. The food portions are good, but the pizzas and pasta you get are just huge! You can upgrade the portion size of some of the pasta dishes. But, unless you have an unhealthy appetite you will never finish it all.

You will not leave hungry from here. That’s unless you want some cold pizza for lunch tomorrow.

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You can find these guys at 1-3 Brighton Place, BN1 1HJ Brighton

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Lee Webber
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