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Ice Cream Sundaes at Creams in Brighton

This was just a random stop off after eating at the Aberdeen Steak House in Brighton.

Creams Brighton is a very swanky looking place that is located where a bank was only a couple of years ago (have no idea which one). The menu is exactly what you would expect, ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM and oh, even more ICE CREAM.  It was then a choice of either waffles, banana split, sundae, crepes or pancakes with it.

I could of over a period of a few hours along with a hefty bucket polished a bit from column A, B, C and all of D.  However the boss squashed those plans and had to both settle for just one thing (booooo Tina).

Ice Cream Sundae

The boss choose The Sundae of Oreo Cookies which left having chose the Choc Fudge Hot-n-Cold Volcano, of course i had made the better choice (although shhhhhh don’t tell Tina that).  As you can see from the picture they looked delicious, and to be honest the price was slightly on the heavy side baring in mind you can get sundaes from places like Toby and Harvester and even Crown for around £4 to £5.  These cost 5p short of £6, which isn’t going to brake the bank, well not just yet anyway.

Lets say it was so nice, i could have polished off another one whilst Tina was still eating her first.  If you are in Brighton, UK.  Head along the road away from Churchill Square past Ann Summers (if its still there by the time you go) and its on your left (almost opposite CEX).]

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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Ice Cream Sundaes at Creams in BrightonThis was one of the first gelato/ice cream eateries in Brighton (from what we had found). Although nice, there are a few now that we would rather go to than Creams in Brighton.