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Step Back in Time With Globalls Jurassic GloGolf in Brighton

We had been back from our Australasia tour about 2 weeks now, and we had finally shaken off the jet lag and coldness from the coldness that is the New Forest. We hadn’t seen any of our friends really up until this point, and that needed to change. The venue, was Brighton Marina and a trip to Globalls Jurassic GloGolf. What the actual f… I can hear you asking! What is GloGolf. Well my intrigued friends, GloGolf is mini golf played in the dark with UV lights. You have UV paint everywhere and the scenery. Well. Glows up.

You cannot book to play a round here, and you do only have 12 holes. You will find during peak hours that the wait will be crazy, I think we had to wait 15 minutes to get in, and then it took us about an hour to complete the round.

Globalls Jurassic GloGolf in Brighton

All in all the experience is good, but once you have played it once you probably wouldn’t want to go back and play again. I mean after this Tina and I went back when it was not so busy. We had finished our round in about 20 minutes, and I personally didn’t feel that impressed second time around.

Look at our World top tips for visiting Globalls Jurassic GloGolf

  • If you are going in the evenings and/or at weekends. Give yourself a good hour to get around before your meal or cinema visit,
  • Mind your step as there are some sneaky steps that could very quickly lead to a sprained ankle, and
  • Take loads of photos. This unique indoor GloGolf experience is one that you need to have once.
Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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