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Lebhagga Restaurant & Sky Lounge

We were coming back from somewhere.  I know helpful right.  At this time we were so hungry, our friend Bawa (you will hear his name mentioned a lot in our Bali posts) recommended the Lebhagga Restaurant and Sky Lounge.

The location was good.  You have a car park which seemed secure enough.  But the views, omg the views, were great.  Lebhagga Restaurant and Sky Lounge overlooked the incredibly green Bali landscape.

The only real downside for me was.  There was not much artificial light, and if you came when it was busy you would be stuck in the middle of the restaurant, therefore not getting those great views.

Food Quality

So as buffets go, this one didn’t kill us.  I know, I had made many jokes to Bawa about eating Bali food that didn’t look to be from the most hygienic of places.  Telling him that he needed to get my cremation ceremony tower ready (a tower your body gets laid in and burnt in public until there is nothing left.  Your ashes are then collected and then scattered).

Back to food, you had quite a large selection of hot foods. Obviously, you had chicken satay.  Two different kinds of cooked rice, noodles, potatoes (that were cold) and a range of meat cooked in sauces.  We tried to sample as much as we felt safe doing so.  Minimising the potential of the dreaded Bali belly.  We stuck to bottled water.

The food was not the best, but it was edible, and we can say we ate a Bali buffet in a very local area and survived to tell the tale.

Value for Money

Ok, so the buffet was 120,000rp each. This did include water, but all other soft drinks need to be paid for.  So for 220,000rp (including tax and service), we had a decent meal.  Granted we could have probably eaten somewhere cheaper, but the risk of eating something your body cannot cope with increases.

You will find that a driver will take you somewhere they know will give them free food as a form of commission.


It was basic.  Staff didn’t seem to care; it was a case of here is your table, food is there, and here is the water.  Even at the end, we waited and had to go up to the desk to pay.  CASH ONLY HERE, so those who want to pay card (we paid card for most things in Bali) are out of luck.

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Lee Webber
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Lebhagga Restaurant & Sky LoungeSo, we would not go back here again.  But if your guide is nearby showing you somewhere awesome.  Don’t be surprised if he/she takes you here for a bite to eat.