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Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Dinner

As you can imagine, staying in the same place for 41 nights you are going to eat a lot in the hotel.  We tried most things on the menu, and here are our views.

So it was our first night here. We didn’t know the area, and we had just spent the last 2 days plane hoping from Singapore to Denpasar via Jakarta. Hotel food it was.  We were the only ones in the dining room. Was this a sign? Not at all, Tina has a watermelon juice and Nasi Goreng (which is a fried rice) Nasi is for rice and the Goreng is how it is cooked.  I, however, went more western I am afraid for our introduction to Asia.  Ready for it. Chicken strips and chips with an iced chocolate.  Both meals were really good.

As we went further on into our stay, we realised that the quality and the portion sizes differed greatly.  Even for the same meal or drink.  Yep, even the drinks changed and were on the menu as the same thing.  Maybe it was a different chef or barman, who knows.

The prices are somewhat slightly more expensive than restaurants not too far from the hotel. Also, the hotel charges just over 20% for government tax and service charge.  Those two things together meant a Nasi Goreng in the hotel cost 84,000rp.  Prices are on the slightly higher side, but it is there for convenience and all water including ice is made using bottled mineral water.

We took advantage of the room service often, which is great.  24/7 room service for just a little added extra.  Check your menu on room for up to date prices.

One thing I would say, alcohol more especially Bintang (beer) is quite expensive in the hotel.  A large Bintang costs 50,000rp! they only cost just over 30,000rp in Carrefour.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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