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Eat Yourself Stupid Eat Street Market in Brisbane

This unique market runs every Friday between 4 pm and 10 pm, and Saturday throughout the year (even some Sundays during the cooler months of the year).  You can find yourself eating from all over the world sampling cuisines from Mexico, Indian, Germany and of course Australia.  Before I get to carried away with telling you about Eat Street Market lets discuss the location.

I didn’t realise, but East Street Market is positioned right on the Brisbane river just off Kingsford Smith Drive.  This makes it incredibly easy to reach by car, and with a FREE 500 SPACE CAR PARK, you are sure to be able to find yourself space.  Bear in mind though, that during busy periods parking can be limited, but with spaces being turned over regularly, you should not see yourself waiting too long.

Food Quality

Well, we ate at a few different places, so let’s talk about each one separately.

  • Potato Slinky – $5

This was something we were dying to try.  We had never seen a potato, cut using a power drill and industrial looking cutting tool.  But I guess the theatre of it all means you can charge $6 for it.  I mean $6 for potato, I know this section is about food quality, but I felt a mini rant coming.

Soooooo, this was for Tina, but I tried some of it.  Yes, it was nice, they dipped the potato in some batter before deep frying it.  We presented with what we wanted on top, and the chicken salt seemed a different choice.

  • The Tutti Frutti Van – $7

Well at this point we were gasping for some fluid, and these guys looked like the best option.  This 700ml jar was rammed to the brim and was just what the doctor ordered.  Both refreshing and flavourful, the only thing was the price which we will discuss shortly.

  • Sticky Dees – $6

Well the vast array of apples, we decided to sample the Tim Tam Apple.  This was being given away as a sample and was so cute we just had to buy one to bring home.  With the crisp apple and the sticky toffee and tim tam made for a very moreish ‘snack.’

We will certainly be going back to sample some of the others that include apple pie, rocky road, snickers and cookies and cream.

  • Boys House – $12.50

This was to be the primary substance of our meal this evening, of course, we had already sampled a few of what eat street market had to offer we decided to share one of the Boys House Mexican dishes.  Popular we had held the quesadillas available which was beautiful as the pulled pork one would have been our first choice anyway.  So we had the choice of the spicy chicken corn or the pulled beef chilli con carne.

It had to be the later, and you get a fair portion, however, if this was your only meal, sharing between two people would have have been enough.  We found the quesadilla to be underwhelming, as you can see from the picture below, our quesadilla was charred which came across in the flavour.  It wasn’t too overpowering, but it was still enough to make the overall taste not so pleasant.

  • The Doughnut Bar – $10

Well, the best bit of finishing any meal if the promise of dessert.  Of course, dessert is not for everyone, but for us, it rounds off a meal very nicely.  I, however, was full at this point, so it was left to Tina to fly the flag and sample the dough cone.  This unique pud was crafted out of many little doughnuts joined together to form like a waffle.  This was then folded up and a nice healthy dollop (yes, dollop is the culinary term for this, lol) cookie dough ice cream.

I couldn’t comment, but the fact this kept Tina quiet for a good 20 minutes was enough to say this was a delicious dessert.  So we would suggest when you come to choosing your sweet treat, head over and visit The Doughnut Bar, yes they will be busy, but this is a good sign and is worth the wait.

Value for Money

So value for money.  You can see from above we spent about $40 which is English money is around £20.  This is quite a lot for what was a very small amount of food; I get that its the whole atmosphere and experience.  But in reality, if you wanted to go out for dinner, you would be spending around $50 each for what we ate, if not more.

We would say the best value for money dish we had was the potato slinky (although still overpriced in my opinion for what is essentially a spud).  On the other side of the spectrum, the one I would steer clear of again would be the Boys House and there Mexican grub.  It was not worth the $12.50 price tag, and if we get a burnt bottom after having given them a card to inform them we are bloggers, shows to me that during busy times pride in what they serve can be lowered.


Well, we really couldn’t knock the atmosphere.  Yeah, once you get past having to pay $2.50 just to get into the venue (daylight robbery) yo are greeted with a mountain of shipping containers converted into what must be around 80 different vendors offering some of the most delectable foods from across the globe.

Along with live music (not sure if there is some every weekend), there is seating (if you lucky enough to get some) to enjoy the evening.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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Eat Yourself Stupid Eat Street Market in BrisbaneThis unique market runs every Friday between 4 pm and 10 pm, and Saturday throughout the year (even some Sundays during the cooler months of the year).  You can find yourself eating from all over the world sampling cuisines from Mexico, Indian, Germany and...