Sydney: My Most Memorable 24 Hours

21st of August 2013, will be the date I will always remember as it was when I had the opportunity to enjoy along with my family, a place full of energy coming from the immaculate architecture of the most representative Australian icon: The Opera House in Sydney, a powerful building with irregular shapes whose history makes it deserve to be part of the wonders of the world.

It is believed that all human emotions should be a consequence of the interaction between people. However, this rule may have its exceptions when the urban environment exceeds your expectations. It was this first sight of this city the reason why I think I lived the best “24 hours” experience in my life.

I remember that once we arrived, the first thing that caught my attention was not only the awesomeness of the Opera House but also the majesty of the Harbour Bridge; they both are part of the same view of the Sydney bay. These two iconic structures give a visual welcome to the entire tourist that travel from the airport by train to the Circular Quay Station. There, it is a boulevard full of restaurants and fashion cafes that guide you as a perfect orchestrated parade to this spectacular masterpiece: The Opera House!

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