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Osprey House Education Centre

Osprey House Education Centre is a unique educational, environmental centre that showcases not only the raptor bird ‘Osprey’, but they have a fantastic place that showcases all of the local indigenous, and non-indigenous plant and wildlife in their small part of Griffin in Queensland, Australia.

At Osprey House Environmental Centre, you can watch Osprey’s nesting and raise their young in their very own on-site nesting box. The cameras are so clear you never miss the action. While we were there, we saw one the Ospreys bring back a rather large fish back to the nest. It was intriguing, and I never knew that they ate the fish alive from lips to tail, how fascinating and something that I will always remember now. The cameras are so clear too; you can see everything, and I bet when that pair decide to mate it will be fascinating to see the youngster grow up.

We walked along the purpose-built walkway outside and looked over the water. The bridge had locally commissioned inspired aboriginal artwork. We watched and observed native & migratory birds and their behaviours on our visit, we watched through binoculars as our lovely guide told us about the animals.

We also learned Australians need to protect the mangroves and other flora in their local areas. They have lots of schools visit them, they work with the children and show them how the use of sustainable practices at home can benefit them and their families.

Osprey House Education Centre does provide a more protected and natural environment for local children and adults to learn. It is owned by Moreton Bay Regional Council and operated by trained and enthusiastic volunteers. They do a fantastic job I have to say. We had a blast in just a few hours and know so much more about the Queensland natural environment. It is free to enter, but, please donate a little to such a great place, you’re definitely won’t regret going.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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