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When Visiting Bali, Get Out The Tourist Area And See The Real Bali!!

So Bali.

We visited and spent six weeks on this beautiful island.  Yes, we stayed in the tourist area of Legian.  But the real Bali is out there for you to capture and be in awe of.

Such an unforgettable 6 weeks

We had, had so many expectations of Bali.  The people, the culture, the food.  Just the whole Bali experience.

When we arrived, though, it was a very different realisation.

Everywhere we went for the first few days had us fearing for our lives.  You ignore all the traffic lights.  Red, certainly does not mean red. It means proceed with caution.  2 lanes very quickly become 3 or even 4.  Don’t get me started on the mopeds.  I think it’s a personal mission to see how many you can get on a bike at one time.

It’s not be uncommon for you to see hordes of school children on mopeds.  WITHOUT HELMETS the further inland you go.

It was the culture, the food and the people that we had been most looking forward to experiencing.  It certainly did not disappoint.  The very warm and embracing culture was a breath of fresh air. Nothing was ever to much trouble. The food, however, was a bit too western for us.  I mean who doesn’t love a good pizza.  But it was the Indonesian food we wanted to sample.  There was many a time; I devoured a Nasi Goreng with some of the most incredible peanut satays you have ever eaten.

Our favourite spot in Bali had to be around Mount Batur.

So having traveled around most of Bali, but we just loved the area around Mount Batur.  The history around this area is just incredible.

Had we known about Toya Devasya we would have spent some more time up in this majestic part of Bali. The perfect setting around this dormant volcano.  You can even see the black sand where the volcano last erupted.

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Spending a couple of nights here will give you all the time you need to see some of the local sights. Including The mountain village of Trunyan can be found at the foot of Mt. Abang, at a remote and isolated location on the eastern shore of Lake Batur.

So staying at the Toya Devasya means you can set up a base and go out exploring.

Just a short drive away is the Besakih Mother Temple.  This temple is steeped in history and culture.  Yes, there is a charge to visit.  But the cost is around £1-£2 depending on exchange rates.  However, when you get there.  You will be just blown away.

In the opposite direction, you have the magnificent Ulun Danu temple.  Again there is a small charge, but once inside you can spend hours here.  It was around the time of year where there was a temple ceremony.  Our driver told me to sit next to them and listen.  What happened next was something I will never forget.

I was handed a musical instrument and gestured to get involved with them.  It was such an unforgettable experience.  As you can see from the picture below, I was certainly having a great time.

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