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The Very Disappointing Sheppy’s in Legian

We had heard all about Sheppy’s while onboard our cruise by Bev and Rose.  Australian owned and located just off Garlic Lane in Legian.  We had unwittingly walked past here on one of our early days here. One evening we hadn’t planned on where to eat, so decided to take the 1.6km walk from our hotel.

Food Quality

Well, Tina went for a Mango Chicken Salad with a bit of yogurt dressing.  The salad was just lettuce with a sprinkle of mango and probably half a tomato cut thinly and decorated around the plate (see picture).  The chicken was pretty much non-existent, and the dressing was just laying on top.  The salad was not dressed at all, and after eating the lettuce off the top.  Was left tasteless and seriously lacking any form of seasoning.

I went for the Nasi Goreng, the tried and tested fried rice with egg, prawn crackers and two, yes two chicken satay.  The sauce was just warmed peanut butter from a jar.  Which was refuted by the owner Jo when taken to social media about the lack of Indonesian cooking.  I was very quickly beaten down.  Being told that the sauce is not peanut butter as I claimed, but was infant a Bumbu Satay.  Which I know to be lies, for two reasons

  1. We have had Bumbu satay, and it is not smooth.  This texture is because the peanuts are blended before the cooking process begins and not at the end.  Also, you have chilli and coconut milk, thus giving it a less buttery flavour, and
  2. After showing our Balinese friend whether he thought this was Bumbu satay.  He said definitely not.

So sorry Jo, you have been found out.

Also, I have to mention, the food was out before we even had a chance to warm the seats up.  I know that Indonesian food is cooked fast.  But seriously, about 3-4 minutes from order to table.  It was quite obvious when the food came that the rice had been sitting a while and just molded and dumped on the plate.

Value for Money

All in all with two cans of coke zero came to around 117,000 IDR ($11.70AUD and £6.00GBP).  Which we have found is pretty impressive, so many places add between 10%-20% government tax and an additional 5% service charge.  This was included in the price.  This is something they should be really promoting, the fact that the price you see if the price you get.

The breakdown of that was 12,000IDR for each drink (which you can get for 6,000IDR in the nearby Carrefour.  The Mango Chicken Salad was 43,000IDR ($4.30AUD and £2.50GBP), and the Nasi Goreng was 50,000IDR ($5.00AUD and £3.10GBP).  So really the price is good, its just a shame the food was left lacking.  It did leave us to believe that it is a western chef in the kitchen trying to cook Indonesian food where their clientele is Australians.  Could be wrong, but that’s what we think.


Well, we had been told that this place is rammed, but this was not the case when we arrived.  Tables had reserved on them, but the place was pretty empty.  You had Jim (fellow co-owner) at the bar watching the sport and a handful of staff.

We would avoid here like the plague given the chance again. There are so many other eatieries out there that are far greater.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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The Very Disappointing Sheppy's in LegianIf its the whole package you are after we would certainly not recommend Sheppy’s.  However, if you are looking for cheap grub, have 15 minutes spare, and you have no tastebuds then Sheppy’s is the place for you.