Our first liquid nitrogen experience with Alchemy Restaurant and Bar

Tucked away in the heart of Brisbane CBD right on the Brisbane river is the quite wonderful Alchemy Restaurant and Bar. When you look...

The 2016 Shorecliffe Bluewater Festival

Okay so this festival from where we were staying in Brisbane wasn't so close, it was about an hour and a half away by...

The Most Amazing Umii Japanese Restaurant in Sydney

https://youtu.be/dg50GsJGj-0 We took a short drive just out of Sydney and found the most amazing Japanese restaurant. This lovely little restaurant was so beautifully decorated...

Its All About German Carnivals Before Lent!

To be very straight with you, neither me or Lee had any clue about German car-na-val (I think that's how it's pounced.) We wrote to...

Whats all the Cairns Hype About!?

Well, we had a blast on Cairns but it honestly it didn't start off so well. On our first day, we had just driven up from Mission Beach; we decided to blow off our accommodation and pay to stay up here in Cairns for the following two days.

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How This Video Nearly Cost Me £550!

How a quick 7-second video should have cost me £550 in a replacement iPhone X!

Travel Day to Disney Land, Paris for Christmas 2017

Day 1 of our 5 day Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris for Rachels Birthday! We flew out from Birmingham airport and got checked in...

I Almost Got Shot In Italy

A lot happened in one night… I missed a few trains, fell asleep on another train, almost walked into a military base, and slept outside on a bench. But like I always say, it’s these type of situations that make traveling fun.

Sunset In Santorini – Summer 2016 Travel Vlog – A Day In My Life

Mykonos To Santorini and Sunset in Amoudi, Oia - Santorini, Greece. This vlog shows how to travel to Santorini, Where to stay in Santorini, What to do in Santorini, How to plan a trip to santorini

Day 10, 2017 – Volcano Bay Water Park

We had a great day out at Universal Studios new park, Volcano Bay water park!. Had been looking forward to it all trip. The...

Day 9, 2017 – Shopping Spree at Disney Springs

Today was the day we had been waiting for! We decided to contain all of our Disney Spending/Shopping to one big blowout at Disney...

Day 7, 2017 – Hollywood Studios

We spent our last day in Disney World at its Hollywood Studios. We got all the rides in that we wanted to do as...

Day 6, 2017 – Magic Kingdom Pt 2.

We decided to go back and spend a second day in Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom today. Focusing mainly on watching the shows, parades and...

Day 5, 2017 – Animal Kingdom & Hoop Dee Doo Dining

I think Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom was one of our favourite days out so far! Firstly because we honestly thought Flight Of Passage was...

Day 4, 2017 at Universal Studios in Florida

We spent the day in our first non Disney park of the holiday today in Universal Studios. We loved Diagonally in the Harry Potter...

Day 3, 2017 at Epcot Resort… DisneyWorld, Florida

Today we spent the day at Disney Worlds Epcot Resort. We were originally only going to spend half a day here but decided to...

Day 2, 2017 at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park… DisneyWorld, Florida.

Spent our second day in Florida cooling off at Disney Worlds Typoon Lagoon water park! loved this park, especially the landscaping. The whole place...

Day 1, 2017 at Magic Kingdom Pt.1… DisneyWorld, Florida.

Our first day in Florida could not have been better spent than a day in Disney worlds Magic Kingdom! Was an absolutely amazing day making memories we will keep for a lifetime!

Trafalgar Square in London, plus curious fun fact!

The video is just a short explanation of how to get to the square, what the surroundings are and little about them. It finishes with a curious details about the Square itself. One of those things that many people do not know, but everybody says "Aah" or "Oh" or "Hm, I did not know that" when they hear them.

Koster Island Sweden

Visit Koster, Sweden--a serene and beautiful car-free island off the west coast of Sweden. Explore under the sea in a cold-water coral reef, experience some fun farm life, or have a hike through pristine forests. The island maintains its authentic small-town, laid back vibe

Brisbane City YHA

I recently stayed at the Brisbane City YHA as a guest of YHA Australia. This is a review of my stay in a 4 share female dorm with en-suite. This gives those travelling on a budget on what to expect when coming to the Brisbane City YHA.

A Bizarre Conversation With A Dutchman

The Dutch are fantastic. They're fun, easy going, and will include you in the most bizarre conversations.

I’m Not Gondolie, Venice Has My Heart

"I had never set my eyes on a sky so blue and water so pearl-like before. The buildings are magnificent. Even in their battered, crumbling, antiquated state. It allows you to envision its history playing around you. I could see Casanova tiptoeing on the wall’s edge of Doge’s Palace. I could see Marco Polo getting ready to set sail for the East."