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How This Video Nearly Cost Me £550!

So, we had only been in Morocco for less than 24 hours and I thought about capturing a video that would double up as a future intro to our YouTube videos.

The video above is a grand total of 13 seconds. Of which only 7 seconds of that was spent underwater. I thought, perfect, this will be an awesome video. Got the phone out the water and everything seemed fine. Took the phone up to the room later that day and got the dreaded black screen of death.

A few quick Google searches later and I had seen that many other phones had had the same issue due to a software update. So, I left the phone in the room for a week and booked a genius bar appointment for my return. Brill, 3.10pm on the Saturday 13th October.

Fast forward a week and I was sat in the Apple store waiting to be seen.

I was in the store for an hour so I will condense this down considerably. He took one look and looked inside at the Water Damage Indicator and quickly told me that the phone has experienced water damage. I was at this point very perplexed. I know the phone is not waterproof, but I would not expect the phone to have experienced such water damage from just 7 seconds of submersion.

Sorry, but the warranty is void and will cost you £550!

I was getting no-where, the chap was like its extensive water damage. To which I was even more shocked that a phone that cost nearly £1,000 could fail so catastrophically. A manager was then called and after 15 minutes I was speaking to her. She had on her iPad about taking a phone in a pool blah blah. Which I get, but I was stern with my views on a phone failing so spectacularly.

After yet another manager conversation, I was told that they would be sending my phone off to the mothership in California so the engineers can have a look and see what caused the issue. Because of this, there would be no charge for a replacement!


About 20 minutes later I had taken my new iPhone X and ran from the store before they changed there mind. Vowing never to allow the phone near a drop of water again.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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