Look at our World was first thought up by Lee and Tina Webber. It was while we were selling all our belongings to embark on our first travels. We decided to create an online diary.

This diary very quickly became something much bigger than we had ever imagined. 5,000 followers very quickly became 25,000. Leading us to where we are now. Over 95,000 and going strong (as of February 2019). It was with such a following it was decided to branch out and allow other people to be members of our website.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in saving you money and giving you the opportunity to obtain sponsored meals, accommodation, and incredible things to do.

On here you will find travel stories from over 100 contributors from around the globe. Feel free and have a browse and bookmark us.

If you want to be a part of our family then head over to our contributor page HERE.

Latest from the Blog

A Day In The Life of Look at our World

We are currently taking a few months off of any travelling around the world. So we will be adding some posts from our daily lives. As well as some of our great products we will be launching over the next few months. 

We will look to add at least one article a week, maybe more. I guess it depends on how busy we have been that week.

So, I guess this is a kind of diary for the world to read.