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Friday, March 22, 2019

Look at our World was first thought up by Lee and Tina Webber. It was while we were selling all our belongings to embark on our first travels. We decided to create an online diary.

This diary very quickly became something much bigger than we had ever imagined. 5,000 followers very quickly became 25,000. Leading us to where we are now. Over 95,000 and going strong (as of February 2019). It was with such a following it was decided to branch out and allow other people to be members of our website.

Sharing our knowledge and expertise in saving you money and giving you the opportunity to obtain sponsored meals, accommodation, and incredible things to do.

On here you will find travel stories from over 100 contributors from around the globe. Feel free and have a browse and bookmark us.

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All Things Australia and New Zealand

Yes, Australia is the size of Europe (or it certainly felt like it), and New Zealand is very similar to the United Kingdom. However, both are of these countries cannot be anymore different in terms of… well everything. Just have a look and see what wonderful places you can visit.

Vlogs from around the World

Some Asian Flare

The largest continent in the world has some of the best cuisine and culture in the world. From the tech central that is Japan and South Korea, all the way through to the largest Muslim country in the world. There will be enough here to get that backpacking year filed up in no time.