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Why not get your brand in front of our now over 19,000 Twitter followers. Each campaign has 30 tweets that will go out at various times of the day to give your business the most exposure. All this for just £58.99 (or you can have our ongoing Twitter campaign for the low monthly fee of £29.99, billed annually).



We charge 0.0003p per follower and as of 12th March 2021, we had 19,644 followers on our Twitter page @NomadicBrits.

We will be adjusting the price of our advertising on Twitter towards the end of each month. This can either go up, or it can go down depending on the number of followers we have either acquired or lost over that time period. You can purchase more than one slot and save these to use at a later date.

Please note though, these are non-refundabledable, non-transferable to other social media, and have to be used within 12 calendar months from purchase or you will lose them.