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Nearly Dying In Makassar. Well not Literally, but Certainly...

Makassar was our first dock on shore in Indonesia since we set off (other than the tender port in Komodo the day before). Although we hadn't booked a tour with P&O themselves, we still wanted to have a walk around to experience what this part of Indonesia was like.

A Few Hours On The Komodo Island & Pink...

We took a short walk through their territory, and we got to see three of this incredible animals. It was great to see them in their national environment. Of course, at the end of the tour, there was the obligatory walk through the locals selling their commercial tat

Our Final Full Day on the P&O Australia Pacific...

Our final day onboard the Pacific Eden. A sad day, but it means we are heading to Bali in a few days.

Our Incredible Police Escort Around Jakarta

So today was all about the Safari and botanical gardens. Baring in mind, we docked at port meant a short hop, skip, and a jump ashore. Greeted by traditional dance and dress, we made our way to coach number 1.

Another Long Day At Sea on the P&O Australia...

We didn't get any photos from breakfast by Tina had a frittata that was more like a pancake. I, however, had a three egg omelet with ham, cheese, and mushrooms. It was nice, and a light way to start the day.

The Waterfront Restaurant on the Pacific Eden

After our first few wobbly days on the ship, we decided to give the Waterfront restaurant ago. We felt we wanted something a bit different than the fair being offered by the Pantry (buffet style) restaurant.