P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Embarkation

So we had been in Perth for the past four days. Now it was time to embark on our first cruise.  The P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer.  We had been waiting for this moment for months since we booked it.

P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Day 1 at Sea

So it is our first day proper on our P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer onboard the Pacific Eden. Both of us are feeling pretty seasick. I mean Tina was ill yesterday as well. We think it was the breakfast and then lunch sitting in her stomach.

P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Day 2 at Sea

So we had a good night sleep, the ship stopped rocking which was nice. Up again before the alarm. Quick shower, and off to breakfast. I was looking forward to it more today now I have found my sea legs. So, a mini fry-up poached eggs on muffins, bacon, sausage, and beans.

The Pantry on the P&O Australia Pacific Eden

So when the Pacific Eden received its refit. Away went the traditional buffet troff. In its place came an elegant restaurant where food was put on your plate by members of staff. It may not seem like a huge difference, in fact, many would argue it was the same.

P&O Australia Indonesian Explorer – Day 3 at Sea

Well after a later than late evening due to what I think was the Toblerone. This led to waking up around 9, and heading down for another very underwhelming breakfast. As you can see below.

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