The Rather Expensive Alberts Bar & Grill in Andalusia

So we're here is the beautiful southern sunny Spain and our lovely hosts (Lee's brother and his girlfriend) took us to a stunning little...

The Weekly Streets of London Curry Night

We had heard from a few people about the Streets of London, the food was meant to be nice and plenty of things for...

The Vast Array of Tapas at Cerveceria Taperia in Ronda

We had not tried some authentic Spanish tapas while in Spain until this point.  We had also seen Ronda had the number 1 place...

The 2015 Christmas Lights in Malaga

So just after a few days later of the Christmas lights being switched on, we decided to take Lees family, niece and nephew to...

Get The Most Out of Your Trip to Ronda

Well, looking at things to do in the province of Malaga sitting pretty at number uno y dos (you like my new found Spanish...

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An Adventure in Andalusia

Sometimes fully immersing yourself in a city requires attempting to view it through the eyes of its inhabitants. In Andalusia, I explored the early medieval castles while imagining the Moorish invasions and life of a certain Spanish princess.

Up the Hill at the St. Barbara Castle in Alicante

When you think of Spain, you tend to think about history.  This is certainly the case down here in the Costa Blanca.

OMG The Ferry Journey Back From Spain to England

OMG, our ferry trip back from Spain to England. This was a few years ago now, but I know our experience is not isolated. There will be many of you that can share a similar story. 

The Best Way to get Cheap Data While Traveling.

Find the best way to get cheap data while traveling.

Our English Roast Down in the South of Spain

We had spent about three weeks in Spain over Christmas, and we were looking forward to having a lovely carvery. You do get some...

The 10 Mind-Blowing Monuments That Have to be on Your Bucket List.

There are some sites so relevant that they appear on almost every traveller’s bucket list. From The Alhambra to The Royal Alcazar, a visit to these sites is the equal of a world Muslim history course.

Spring Adventure in Barcelona!

Barcelona is like a true fiesta! Full of colours, vivid people and extravagant art! Is one of those cities where you feel so present and so full of life. Feel it, explore it, live it!

Exploring The Alhambra

Alhambra the red fortress from the Nasrid Dynasty. Find useful information Join me exploring the secrets of the Alhambra his history and also find tips for planning your visit.

Spending 24 Hours in Madrid

For all those who love travelling but don't have much time, here is a tour of the capital of Spain, Madrid, in 24 hours!

Sample Some of the Incredible History and Architecture in Seville.

While down in Andalucia, why not stop off in Seville. Bask in the history and architecture of this quite magnificent city. Let's say being here a few days certainly did not do it justice with the things to do in Seville.

The Wonderful Food We Ate In Spain

This was a food adventure in Spain; we tried everything that looked good and ate until our hearts were content. Here is some of...

Is It Worth Staying With Family Whilst Travelling The World?

Well, there are many pros and many cons for staying with family not native to that country whilst travelling the world.  You have the...

19 Differences Between Spain And England

Differences I’ve noticed about Andalusia on the southern coast of Spain compared to sussex in England. The cafe culture is a big thing here,...

Shitting Myself Going Up The Benalmadena Cable Car

The Telecabina takes you on a fantastic 15min journey in a four-person cable car ride up to the highest point on the Málaga coast....

The Most Southerly Part Of Mainland Spain At Tarifa & Isla de Las Palomas

Such a stunning little small place in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia, on the southerly part coast of Spain but not only Spain...

We Were Meant To Have Tapas But Ended Up At Trattoria Italiana

This small little restaurant is quite tucked out the way in a small part of Elviria. We arrived to eat at another tapas restaurant...

Everything For 1 Euro At Cerveceria 100 Montaditos… Yes Please!

This branch was located in the commercial shopping centre in Fuengirola. It was easily accessible throughout the afternoon, but as we found like most...

The Benaojan Pork Festival Up Past The Ronda Mountains

Benaojan food festival (Feria de muestra de la chacina) The small town of Benaojan (located in the Ronda mountain range) hosted its 13th fair. The...