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Up the Hill at the St. Barbara Castle in Alicante

When you think of Spain, you tend to think about history.  This is certainly the case down here in the Costa Blanca.

We had searched and searched TripAdvisor for things to do in the area of Alicante.  With the only real thing was here.  There is not a lot of things you can do down here.

Where we stayed in Torrevieja, it’s very much a Spanish town.  Not many English speakers.  You can tell this because you go into the supermarkets, and even the staff didn’t speak much English.

Anyway, back to the St. Barbara Castle.  Alicante is about an hour from where we were staying.  Which was a lovely drive I have to say.

Then as you approach from the south, you can immediately see this castle on the hill (no, not the one in Ed Sheeran’s song). But, how on earth were we going to get up there?  Some quick Google mapping gave us the route, and we were on our way.

It was so quiet up there, hardly any cars.  It actually made me feel like it was closed or something.  Looking around for the pay desk.  Alas, nothing.  Not even a ticket booth.

So there is a lot you can walk around here.  If you are like me, and unable to walk too far or upstairs you will still find yourself with loads to be able to do. We took a left under the archway and made our way to one of many lookouts.  The view over the sides was breathtaking!  (You can see from the image below what we mean).

That’s really where it ends for those with limited mobility.  We did, however, make it up to the café that is there.  Expecting the worse, the prices we actually really good for what is sure to be a tourist trap in the summer months.

I think we must have been here a couple of hours, including the food and drink stop.  However, those who are able to could spend much longer here exploring the other vast areas this castle had to offer.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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