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The Very Different Hervey Bar Botanical Garden

These gardens were beautiful; it was a calm, warm autumns day in the Hervey Bay area, and it was a perfect day to walk around a glorious garden such as this. We parked up in their small carpark right next to the tropical orchid house. We wanted to go in and, see the beautiful flowers but unfortunately, we forgot to take any cash with us and although the entrance fee was small and included a beverage in their café we continued and walked around the lovely gardens.

The first thing you are greeted with is the stunning sight of massive, glorious green algae filled the lake with a wooden veranda in the middle, it was a beautiful sight, especially when you can see the tails the ducks had made through it as they are munching along.

We continued walking around and through various paths and a beautiful entrance to a stunning Chinese garden appeared, it was part of a program with the Chinese to design a garden for each other, so there is an Australian garden in China, that’s a novel thought. The garden had fully matured and looked amazing; it was so peaceful and with the warm sun, beaming down was a complete delight to take a few moments to ponder in.

We continued walking through the winding paths of the gardens and found our way onto the veranda on the lake; it was such a beautiful place to stand and look back out onto the garden. It was a lovely pace and defiantly worth a visit if you have a few hours to spare.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
Well what can i say? I'm complicated! Although my fundamentals, my core, what makes me, me i suppose is: Glorious food (especially the sweet stuff), the stunning beauty of nature and natural things and my love of excellent art and design.

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