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The Long Walk to Cactus Falls, Tamborine Mountain

We took a drive from our base in rosewood and went to Curtis Falls. We parked up; we were lucky enough to find a decent parking place, and we took the somewhat dangerous route into the wilderness and followed the signs to the falls.

When I say precarious, I mean it. The pathway was steep, and it had been raining the last couple of days, so the path was very muddy. There were lots of people in flip-flops passing us, their feet covered in mud, luckily Lee and I chose to wear our walking boots, tiny tick for us.

So as I said the steps are not only and little uneven at times but also quite steep in places too, I think a small dog would possibly have trouble in places and well as those who aren’t fully able.

Oh, the sights were so beautiful, though, it was so strange entering this jungle like space, the atmosphere changed. It became a lot cooler; the temperature must have dropped a few degrees. It must have been because the foliage was so dense that the sunlight doesn’t get a chance to reach the walkway below.

After 1,600m, we finally reached the small but cute waterfall. We were lucky by rights to have even been seeing the thing, as apparently if it doesn’t rain for a few days the falls itself doesn’t fall at all. Imagine walking that way and there not being a beautiful delight at the end of the path, I would defiantly have felt robbed. Hehe

Okay, so we made it all the way down, awesome! But there is one problem, and that problem is that there is a hell of a long way to go up again, ugh, okay so it wasn’t exactly that bad, and I have walked up worse paths back in the UK. But there is still a fat girl in me screaming ‘could you just carry me up, please’ matched with the best saddest looking face too. Lol but alas Lee didn’t oblige.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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