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Our Convicts and Colonials Walking Tour Around Fremantle

Ryan was our tour guide, and we did the ‘Convicts and Colonials’ tour. Ryan was knowledgeable and I mean really knowledgeable. He knew everything about this subject and so much more. It was so interesting listening to the stories and facts he had about the town he clearly loves.

The Stunning, Yet Exhausting Walk to Jourama Falls

So. We were in the small town of Ingham when we decided it was time to explore. Bring on the excellent TripAdvisor app. After searching,...

The Cairns Crystal Cascade… Well Worth The Visit!

To go to the Cairns Crystal Cascade, you need a car. We didn't find any buses going up to this location. Showing us that it is one of those local hidden gems.

The Long Walk to Cactus Falls, Tamborine Mountain

We took a drive from our base in rosewood and went to Curtis Falls. We parked up; we were lucky enough to find a...

Brisbane Trike Tours, Our First Trike Experience

It was a warm morning; we were driving down to Southbank to meet Chrissy from the Brisbane Trike Tours.  Neither I, nor Tina had...

The Thunder Jet Boats in Sydney Harbour

So, the yellow boats on the eastern circular quays. If you are looking for a proper soaking, from our experience of both jet boating...

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