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The Thunder Jet Boats in Sydney Harbour

So, the yellow boats on the eastern circular quays. If you are looking for a proper soaking, from our experience of both jet boating on the harbour. The Thunder Jet Boating is the place to be.

So the cost of the jet boating experience is listed below. We experienced the Thunder twist ride.

  • Thunder twist ride – $60 (online) $75 (in person)
  • Extreme adrenaline rush ride – $79 (online) $89 (in person). We didn’t have this experience so couldn’t comment on makes it different.

So you sign a waiver on there iPad, then your good to go. The usual, safety presentation ensued. We would strongly recommend wearing there very sexy purple ponchos. It won’t keep you dry, but it will stop you from looking as wet as a drowned sewer rat.

So, the journey began. The slow trip out to the open harbour water leads to a very quick drenching. There were two moves that were performed during our half hour experience. You had the 180-degree spin, (this is what got us drenched on the first and last time around). The second, and somewhat either a thorough drowning or a like wetting, was the sudden stopping. This dipped the nose, creating a surge of water up and over the front and sides of the boat.

Before we knew it, we were back into the harbour, with the incredible opera house and harbour bridge behind us.

You can then purchase a pruned series of pictures from before you set off, along with video taken while on your 30-minute adventure. I think these worked out at $50 but so worth it. The footage, however, can be hit or miss depending on the weather due to misting on the GoPro.

A definite must we think if you’re in the Sydney Harbour area. Especially, if you want to get a different perspective of the famous landmarks.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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