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19 Differences Between Spain And England

Differences I’ve noticed about Andalusia on the southern coast of Spain compared to sussex in England.

  1. The cafe culture is a big thing here, it’s normal to go out first thing in the morning to sit in a local cafe for half an hour so before work is even thought of.
  2. Its normal practice for you to use long life milk for everyday use and skimmed milk doesn’t really exist here, only a few supermarkets stock it.
  3. Whole milk is the milk of choice here, every cafe, restaurant will give you this automatically.
  4. Local markets are very common here and happen almost every day in different parts of the town.
  5. When out shopping in the local malls I have noticed young siblings especially females are normally dressed in the same outfits.
  6. Most restaurants don’t open until around 12:30 or later, a few times we have been limited on choice of where to eat because we didn’t know this.
  7. Coffee comes with everything, lol so not literally but the Spanish are very passionate about milky coffee. I couldn’t really tell you kind because neither me or Lee drinks the stuff. Hehe
  8. In the winter most some bars, restaurants and tourist shops will close over this time.
  9. Alcohol is ridiculously cheap and I mean really cheap an average bottle of wine from the supermarket is between 2-3 Euros.
  10. The food here is incredibly inexpensive, meat especially is around half the cost if not cheaper in the local supermarkets.
  11. Everyone says hello to everyone, if you recognised anyone you are not to be rude and are always expected to chat a little.
  12. Chatting is very normal, deep breath…… even when there is a long cue, expect to be kept waiting while as your cashier has a lengthy convo with their fellow workers.
  13. Driving is completely different, some if not most take no notice of speed limits, stopping distances or most road safety guidelines. Just be vigilant and expect even your hire car to be covered in scrapes, dings and dents in it. No great but it is the norm here.
  14. The school hours are 9 to around 2pm and the children can take the school bus for free back to their local area.
  15. It seems to be common practice for police to park on roundabouts
  16. The petrol is so much cheaper over here, especially when you travel up into the mountains. They even have petrol attendant here who will fill your car up for you.
  17. Small candies and sweet Spanish sweets / pastries are mostly sold by weight. And they are delicious but some would say an acquired taste.
  18. Lottery tickets are sold on the streets of southern Spain by independent sellers.
  19. Christmas or  Navidad is celebrated as well as the traditional three kings but it more of a celebration on Christmas eve, with the traditional of a large family meal.

I’m sure there are many more but these were the ones that stuck out the most to me.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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