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Was Quarters Chicken as Good as the Reviews Stated?

Quarters is a family run, handmade burger and roast chicken restaurant in Bournemouth (Dorset).

It was a special occasion (our first anniversary), and we wanted to splash out a little and treat ourselves out to a proper meal out.

We were searching and searching and came across this place on TripAdvisor; it had excellent reviews about the quality of the food and taste of their food. So we thought… Why not.


We set off from the heart of the New Forest and headed the 15 miles or so down to Bournemouth to try and find this place.

The Sat Nav was spot on, and then the trouble of finding somewhere to park.  As we were getting there after 6, all on-street parking at the time of writing this meant parking was FREE. Bonus.  Little did we know though was that there is a car park just opposite and again at the time of writing this, although you needed to pay this got re-imbursed by the restaurant.

Right on a busy high street, the location wasn’t too bad.  The score would have been worse had it not been for the parking re-reimbursement they offer.

Food Quality

Our waitress gave us menus and told us how to save £5 each by downloading the app ‘Zappa’. Not sure how it worked but we did end up getting £10 off our bill happy days! :)

We ordered a various platter of food (as you can see buy the pictures below) it was a delight to the eye but I did feel a little disappointed on the portion sizes. I had read on TripAdvisor they were large and tasty.

We started off with some cheese garlic bread and hummus and warm pitta bread, as you can see that the garlic bread was wafer thin and ever so crunchy.  Matched with the very greasy and oily texture didn’t make for great eating.  The hummus and the warm pitta bread, on the other hand, were much better.

My main was the ribs, and of course, the burger was lee’s. Lee being the handmade burger snob that he is wasn’t impressed with Quarters offering, the burger bun in his eyes was dry and didn’t have any structure, but the burger itself he said was delicious. The ribs I had were succulent and very tender, and all the sides we had were delicious, especially the super crispy onion rings but for me though the roasted vegetables were swimming in a little too much oil.

Prices at Quarters Chicken

The prices were standard for what you would expect from a restaurant in a city.  The only thing i was surprised with was the fact that you only paid for the burger, you didn’t get any sides with this (all had to be purchased separately).    But £6.75 for a standard burger isn’t to bad, but match that with a selection of sides.  Just having two would have set you back nearly a fiver.  Then taking your meal to costing more than many other restaurants we have been to give for less.

All the puddings were roughly £3 – £4, which was a standard.

The total bill should have come to £44, but with the 2x £5.00 of using Zapper meant we got a roughly 25% off the entire bill.  We need to take into account though the cost had we not had those discounts.


We had pre-booked a table, expecting it to be pretty busy.  But in all honesty, it wasn’t.  However the decor and the lighting that got dimmed enhanced the atmosphere of the place.

We were sat right next to the window but the table wasn’t right against it so didn’t feel like you were being glared at by every passerby.  The waitress was nice, knowledgeable and did everything she could to make our visit a great one.

Tina x

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
Well what can i say? I'm complicated! Although my fundamentals, my core, what makes me, me i suppose is: Glorious food (especially the sweet stuff), the stunning beauty of nature and natural things and my love of excellent art and design.

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Was Quarters Chicken as Good as the Reviews Stated?Although the food was nice we probably wouldn't choose to eat here again. It was about £44 before the discount, nothing here really wowed us and we could probably find it cheaper in any popular chain restaurant. I have to rate the staff really well though they were really attentive, very helpful and friendly.