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Our Newcastle To Amsterdam DFDS Ferry

This was my first experience of a night ferry was the Newcastle to Amsterdam DFDS Ferry, and boy did I not prepare myself for what I was about to witness over the 12 or so hours about this vessel.  Our boat left at 5.00pm (which it did pretty much on the dot) and headed to our inside room.

Oh, deary me, a tiny room with a bottom bunk and fold out top bunk.  It felt like a furnace and could only imagine it getting worse the longer we stayed in there. We were thinking; we were told sometime, somewhen that to eliminate sea sickness to look at the horizon.  This was not going to happen in this little room.

** DING DONG ** (just like the supermarket announcements)

We have some upgrades available for this evening, with this we headed to the service desk just to see exactly what was available and how much this was going to cost us.  The room included a double bed, bigger bathroom, sofa, TV, stocked complimentary mini bar and the clincher.  A complimentary buffet breakfast away from the regular buffet.  A quick consultation with the boss and payment was made for 80€ (which worked out to being around £66).

The night goes quite quickly when you have space to move in I would say.  We have a bite to eat with the huge Stand Pie that we brought from Alan Walker Butchers in Halifax, then headed down to the main entertainment hall.  Where we decided to toast our first ferry (even if it was just for the night), with a pint of beer and a cocktail.  It was going to be our only round as the cost of these two drinks, the cost €13.30!  I made sure that drink lasted me to the point it was almost to warm and almost done.

We didn’t think too much of the entertainment, especially as there were not many people in there you were continually being asked if you wanted more.

You could have had the option to visit the on-ship arcade or 2€ massage pods, but we decided that with a long day ahead in Amsterdam the following day, was time to retire to bed.


  • Don’t book upgrades in advance, always wait until you get on the boat and see what they have to offer.
  • If you like a drink, take drinks with you and then just have a couple in the ship bar.
  • Take sea sickness tablets; it can and will most likely get very choppy.
Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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