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Our Grill’d Lunch At Southbank, Brisbane

We came here for a birthday lunch for my sister’s Australian boyfriend. Southbank, Brisbane is full of incredible eateries. Many of which we have featured on here somewhere on our excellent food guide. However, never really noticed this place.

Underground parking here is relatively easy if you want to pay a f*%@ing fortune for the privilege. However, this was the birthday boys choice.

Relatively busy we struggled to get a table for 6 of us.

As it was just for lunch and we were coming to end of our trip money was running low, so we decided to have a slider sharing plate (we had 2 vintage ones and a classic) with a side of sweet potato chips. All this grub for just under $20AUD (approximately £10 at the time).

The sliders were actually pretty decent, but the sweet potato fries had a burnt taste which wasn’t great.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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Our Grill'd Lunch At Southbank, BrisbaneSo on reflection, yes the food was ok. But not for the £10 price that we paid.