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Hitting the Sinharaja National Reserve in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

When visiting Asia, I advise hitting the Sinharaja National Reserve in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

Surrounded by the tropical jungle, I have been amazed by the amount of wildlife you can spot around you once immersed into the rainforest. The fauna and flora will leave you speechless.

From colourful forest lizards to large butterflies. Without forgetting the kings of camouflage such as snakes, spiders, kangaroo lizards or Boyd dragons. You cross paths with some of the most beautiful species of animals in Asia. Including some species unique to Sri Lanka. You will be able to cross an amazing hanging bridge across freshwater river flowing from the jungle hilltops, leading to a resort handled by locals.

Get yourself a guide for around €10

One of the best spot during this three and a half hours hike is the beautiful waterhole and waterfall. You can have a nice dip before heading back on the track. Jumping from rock to rock to reach the spot; you can be sure about the adventure waiting for you.

You will need a guide to lead you along the track through the tropical rainforest. The guide costs about 1500Lkr (Sri Lankan Rupee) which is about 10 euros. They are friendly, with excellent English, very knowledgeable and will show you how to spot things that you do not even imagine bumping into.

The place is known for the locals who will take you there without any problem. The trip to head to Sinharaja Reserve can be made from Galle by Tuktuk. Quite bumpy and hard to go through when the rain flooded the day before, I would advise checking the weather before planning the trip. It would take about three hours from Galle.

I heard about the place while traveling to the Daintree rainforest in Australia, comparable to Sinharaja tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka.

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