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Dreamworks Sand Sculptures down at Surfers Paradise

Oh, the Dreamworks Sand Sculptures down at Surfers Paradise.  It was our first week in Australia, and we had been told that it was the last day we could see the sand sculptures on the beach walkway at surfers paradise in Southbank.

So before we went to Sea World we pooped to surfers paradise, the weather hadn’t been too kind, and unfortunately, the beautiful sandy beach had been closed to the waves being too rough. Luckily we could still walk along the walkway with the mighty sand creations. As we walked around in the almost searing heat of the summer sun, it started to rain! Yep you heard correctly it tied it down and to be honest I’m so glad it did, it was cooling and made the Australian sun a little more bearable.

The sand sculptures were impressive, around ten foot tall and all hand carved by incredibly talented people. The theme was Sand Safari it included the usual favourites of Kung Fu Panda and all his Dreamworks friends carved in large sand sculptures at the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships along the foreshore and the Gold Coast Sand Trail, plus there were some exciting brand elements such as Sand and Sea themed activities for the children and local photography exhibitions.

They were incredibly impressive and so delicately created so much detail and represented the children’s cartoons well.

I believe it’s an annual event, so if your close February next year, you should check this fantastic display out.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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