Dreamworks Sand Sculptures down at Surfers Paradise

Oh, the Dreamworks Sand Sculptures down at Surfers Paradise.  It was our first week in Australia, and we had been told that it was...

Is It Worth Staying With Family Whilst Travelling The World?

Well, there are many pros and many cons for staying with family not native to that country whilst travelling the world.  You have the...

The 2016 Shorecliffe Bluewater Festival

Okay so this festival from where we were staying in Brisbane wasn't so close, it was about an hour and a half away by...

Our Night at the Mowbray Park Farmstay

Day One We arrived at the farm early morning and we walked had a good walk around the main farm aeras. We attended the morning...

The Most Amazing Umii Japanese Restaurant in Sydney

https://youtu.be/dg50GsJGj-0 We took a short drive just out of Sydney and found the most amazing Japanese restaurant. This lovely little restaurant was so beautifully decorated...

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The Unforgettable Brisbane River Fire 2016

It was towards the end of September 2016 and it was the Brisbane river fire fireworks display. The event was a free event which meant every man and his dog was going. Little did I expect how busy it was to be. Indeed every man and his dog turned out for the annual celebrations.

The Cost of Feeding Ourselves Downunder

So we had been in Australia for about 3 months now, and the cost of living over here differs greatly depending on what part...

The Final Lunch With Mum and Abbie Before We Left

Nandos is normally really good, especially in the UK. However, when we visited this Nandos in Ipswich, Queensland we were left disappointed both times with the incompetence of the service given.

The Final Return To Eat Street Market in Brisbane

Our final visit to Eat Street Market before we headed home. Sampling some of the very best street food you will find in Brisbane. Have a read of the soft shell taco, loaded friends, and our unique dessert you see here.

Pumphouse Point: A Taste of Tasmania

If you are after destination accommodation that is like a Cinderella story, then this is the place for you. No glass slipper required.

Sydney: My Most Memorable 24 Hours

It is believed that all human emotions should be a consequence of the interaction between people.

The Beautiful Little Town of Rosewood in Queensland

Home to my mum and youngest sister.  Rosewood is located around 60 minutes west of Brisbane. To put it into a context of how remote this little town is, you have a single supermarket which is by English standards, tiny.

Our Few Hours as Inmates at Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison, what an experience. We only had a short visit in Perth and after our Urban Adventures tour. The tour gave us such an intrigue into the life of the prison we had and go inside.

5 Years Lee Had Waited for his Hogs Breath

Hogs Breath a leading chain restaurant in Australia; this branch was in Ipswich. We came to this restaurant as a celebration dinner for lee’s little sister's eighteenth birthday. It does have a few parking spaces but not that many and as we went on a Friday night and it was busy.

Our Convicts and Colonials Walking Tour Around Fremantle

Ryan was our tour guide, and we did the ‘Convicts and Colonials’ tour. Ryan was knowledgeable and I mean really knowledgeable. He knew everything about this subject and so much more. It was so interesting listening to the stories and facts he had about the town he clearly loves.

Will You Survive a Night at Draculas on the Gold Coast

So we headed here for Tina’ birthday back a few weeks ago now. We had heard some great things about Draculas Gold Coast but wanted to experience it for ourselves. We made a proper day of it, heading into Surfers Paradise, and making sure we had plenty of time to get a parking space.

The Ipswich Festival Jazz, Wine & Blues Night

It was one of the final days of the Ipswich Festival; we had already experienced the parade of lights and the honk (vintage car...

Lee’s First Painting at Cork and Chroma Brisbane

https://youtu.be/PQeAA_bvpws What an experience this was. I had never painted before in my life, so the thought of sitting there with who knows how many other...

Experiencing Anzac Day 2016 in Ipswich, QLD

So, Anzac day 2016 in Australia was a complete eye-opener; Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance observed on 25th April each year....

Tina and Her Trip to A&E

Yep, you guessed it; Tina just had to sample Ipswich’s most excellent doctors in the A&E department. I hadn’t been well for a good two...

Brisbane Trike Tours, Our First Trike Experience

It was a warm morning; we were driving down to Southbank to meet Chrissy from the Brisbane Trike Tours.  Neither I, nor Tina had...

Our 4×4 Blue Mountains Eco Tours

Where do I start, well I think I need to start with Jenny, she technically is the bookings administrator but as we quickly realised...

The Most Amazing Umii Japanese Restaurant in Sydney

https://youtu.be/dg50GsJGj-0 We took a short drive just out of Sydney and found the most amazing Japanese restaurant. This lovely little restaurant was so beautifully decorated...