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The Final Return To Eat Street Market in Brisbane

So it was exactly 210 days or 18,144,000ish seconds between our first visit and our final visit to Eat Street Markets before we travelled home.

This was a night we had been looking forward to for weeks. Our final visit to Eat Street Markets in Brisbane. I have to say at this point, the location of Eat Street Markets has changed since we visited in 2016.

Yes, you have the trouble of finding a parking space, and yes, you have to pay something like $2.50AUD to get in. But what awaits you is something marvellous. Something quite reminiscent to the children going into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time. With the vast array of sweets and chocolatey goodness inside.

This trip we took Abbie and her boyfriend Harley with us.

As big MasterChef Australia fans we had heard that contestant Matt Sinclair had set up a temporary food truck 10 Piece Cutlery on the Eat Street Market lawns. This was the first place we made a beeline for.

10 Piece Cutlery

So, surprisingly this place was dead. Not a queue to be seen. But to be fair, you had to walk to one of the corners of Eat Street to find him. Seeing the man cook in the kitchen was incredible. Having only watched him on the TV (via catch up) the night before.

The menu had the following for our pickings;

  • $13.00AUD – Salt and Pepper whiting sliders with sesame aioli, pickled cucumber and a soy-chilli caramel,
  • $14.00AUD – Tamarind glazed beef brisket with vermicelli noodles and lemongrass nam pal (gf), and final and what we chose
  • $14.00AUD – Tempura soft shell crab tacos with gochu mayo and a green papaya slaw.

You got 2 tacos for your order which was great as both Tina and I would be sharing. As you can see from the image below you had a tiny soft-shelled crab with the lightest, most delicious tempura batter. You had everything in a mouthful, and this for me was the first time I had eaten gochu mayo (which is very similar to a sriracha mayo but uses Korean paper paste. Resulting in a deeper flavour).

I tell you now, I would bottle that up and put it in everything it was that nice.

This was following by some Fully Loaded Steak Fries from Koma Sliders

After the soft shell taco from Matt, we needed to have something a little bit more filling. Our choice was a fully loaded beef fries. Loaded with a mix of sweet potato chips, curly fries, and your regular fries. Topped with strips of beef and lashings of garlic mayonnaise.

The best way to end a trip to Eat Street Market is a trip to The Chocolate Komberry and sampling their unforgettable cronuts. This half croissant half doughnut is a sinful delicacy with 64 layers of Danish pastry deep-fried into a cone shape and then filled with premium soft serve chocolate ice cream. Holy shit, this was some serious food porn. It was a tad pricey at $12.00AUD (or around £7), but if you only come here once, you need to leave broke and penniless.

So. All in all, we had spent around $45.00AUD (or around £30) including the entry fee. Which yes, might seem a little heavy on the wallet. But, you will not find a better place to sample foods from across the world while sitting down listening to some live music.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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The Final Return To Eat Street Market in BrisbaneOMG oh how i wish there was a place like this down here in East Sussex, England. However, if there was. I would be the size of a house and broke at the same time. The food here is just incredible. I dont think you will find a bad dish here.