McDonalds Create Your Own Burger, Worth It?

Well i have been wanting one of these for nearly 3 years.  Yes, 3 years.  I am still waiting for McDonalds UK to bring this to our stores but for now i have to just make do with the ones down under.  What do yo expect from the McDonalds Create your own.  Well over the next few paragraphs i will attempt to tell you what you can get and what to expect from this transformed fast food restaurant.  Right enough waffle, lets see if the Maccas CYO was worth it.

You won’t be able to do far without coming across a McDonalds or Maccas as they are called over here.  I think we drove for about 30 minutes around Sydney and must have seen 15 different Maccas around.  All of which served all day breakfast and the infamous Create your own.

Food Quality

Well let me explain what i had inside my creation.  Mine was filled with the following;

  • 2x Angus Beef Burgers,
  • Grilled Mushrooms,
  • Caramelised Onions,
  • Bacon,
  • Swiss Cheese,
  • Alioli,
  • Jalapeños,
  • Red Onion,
  • Lettuce,
  • Tomato, all in a
  • Ciabatta Bun.

A proper food coma in a bun i know, we ordered at the self ordering machine (technical name i’m sure).  We will discuss the price shortly, but for now we will skip to the part it was brought out to me.  Holy sh*t i was thinking, how am i going to fit that round my cake hole. Alas, have not fear readers.  I can seem to dislocate my jaw to fit in the biggest of burgers.

The taste you get from the burger, that just oozes juices was incredible.  If you shut your eyes, you really would not think that you are eating at the worlds most popular fast food joint.  It was a very pleasant surprise i can tell you.  The only criticism i could say was, when you have a burger of such size you would expect the bum to have some structure.  This would be best done by toasted said bun. This was not done, and half way through the event (yes, eating this burger is an event that needs an interval half way through) i found the bun starting to fall apart.  Other than that though i cannot fault what McDonalds have done here.

They have the taste, but is it value for money.  Lets find out.

Value for Money

Well the burger itself was going to come out at about $15.00, but then the option came to turn that into a meal for an extra $2.  Bargain i thought to myself as i secretly converted that back to pounds.  You get table service, with a perfectly presented burger, a basket of chips (or fries) and your drink all served on what can be described as a small polished chopping board.

So is the McDonalds Create Your Own Burger worth the money, most definitely.  Yes it will cost you more than a standard meal, but what you do get is a level of service and care going into that burger that you would expect from a high end burger joint.


Its McDonalds, it is what it is really.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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