A Pie at the Old Ferndale Bakery

We, well I had been to the Old Ferndale Bakery before back in 2011 and then again in 2013.  This, however, was Tina’s first time here, I had built up this place a lot and had a lot to live up to.  So shortly after we arrived down under we headed down to this place to sample the pies.  So let’s get started;

The location itself is excellent, right on the high street.  As you head to Wivenhoe Dam from the Ipswich area, you really cannot miss it.  However, this is not somewhere you can stumble across.  Making it a great local hidden gem, yet many of the locals know this, and you will find it busy during the lunchtime rush.

Food Quality

Well, I went for Pork and Apple, Tina, however, went for a Sausage Roll.  We will discuss the prices later, but for now, let’s talk quality.  Well, I have liked a good pie for a long time, always looking to try something a little different.  As you can see from the picture at the bottom, the pie was rammed to the brim, the chunks of Pork you got the with Apple was a rare sight to see.  It was just the right ratio of sweet apple and savoury pork; you get so many pies out there where the ‘sauce’ inside of too runny and just goes everywhere.  Scolding your fingers and completely ruining the experience.  This, however, was not the case, of course, it was hot (as you would expect) but was not sauce heavy.  Massive thumbs up form me.

Tina found her Sausage roll to be just as nice, with great pastry and well-seasoned filling.  There are so many times that you get sausage rolls that have space at either end where you would expect filling.  Not here, filling end to end and brimming at the seams.

For afters, if you can fit it in that is.  Was a choux pastry ring with cream and custard.  It was very messy and not something that you can eat comfortably after eating one of the pies.  The sizes are huge and the pie and a sweet treat will certainly not want to have a big dinner in the evening that’s for sure.

Value for Money

The pie came to around $5 and the sausage roll around $3.5 and the sweet treat around the same.  We did, however, purchase ourselves some ‘fun’ bread.  Fun bread I hear you ask.  Well just have a look below and see for yourself.  The cost was nearly $4 which was a dollar more than the last time I was here in 2013.  I think all in all we paid around $25 which for two pies, sausage roll, sweet treat and a loaf of ‘fun’ bread worked out to being around £12.50 which is a reasonable price.

This is a pretty standard price for baked goods from what we have seen in a short time we have been here.


Well, this place was buzzing with activity when we arrived, when we left though it was quiet.  But you step in, and you get that fantastic smell of fresh pies.  When we were there, we were told that they were working on new combinations (we just missed out on the sausage and mash pie).

So if you like a good pie and want to go and visit a local gem.  Grab yourself a car (as you will need one), and head out to Fernvale, while your at it why not go a bit further and head down to Wivenhoe Dam.  This was the dam that caused the massive floods a few years ago.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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