Off the Beaten Track on Kos Island

There is a place in Kos island where you can experience the hot water from the spring of the mountain exactly next to the cold water of the sea.

Before we tell you about the hot water, we should explain you the way to reach the place. It is located to the most North Eastern area of the island. Reachable by a vehicle, about 10 km away from Kos town and exactly where the road ends. You can reach the area by the local bus and then walk for 2 Km in declivity on a beautiful rocky scenery. If you have a car you can leave it only 700m away from the spot, still enjoy the rugged scenery and fortunately skip the uphill later.

If you ever visit Kos island, put Therma on your list….the scenery is so beautiful…

It is a small hot spring under high cliffs, almost hidden from the rocks around and separated from the sea water with just some rocks. The water of the spring has Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Sulphur and as the locals say “all these elements are an ideal treatment for rheumatism, arthritis and any gynaecological related issues.”. There are not any organised facilities there, and you feel close to pure nature, away from the civilisation and especially not the peak hours. The nights are silent there and the days bright.

Once you go there, you will notice that the Therma is full of people all day. It is common for the youngsters to visit here for a night bath instead of going out. Some of them even spend the night there with their sleeping bags.

The older generation enjoys taking their bath at sunrise. If you are well equipped, you can climb 100m north and reach the next small Gulf. Here you will find a lot of free campers with their tents. Ready to spend their holidays by the Therma.

If you ever visit Kos, make sure you put Therma on your list of places to visit.  The scenery if so beautiful, it will just take your breath away!

Thenia Gagalidou
Thenia Gagalidou
Tour Leader, Travel Blogger and private trips planner in Greece.

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