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The Best Worscht in Mainz

We were advised when staying in Zornheim that we needed to try curry worscht and the best place to do so was the aptly named place The Best Worscht. So let’s get into the review.

Well, we were given a map from our great couch surfing hosts Marcus and Anja Knab. It was circled just down from the Mainz Cathedral; we were not sure if we had either A) taken a wrong turn or B) missed the place completely.  After about 10 minutes of walking from Mainz Cathedral, we can get across this tiny, and I mean small shop front with the Best Worscht name above the door.

We very quickly proceeded in, you can read about what we saw and the atmosphere at the end.

Food Quality

Well, you have two scales, you have the heat side of the sausage and then the flavour. You can get anything from the having no spice on your sausage through to the FBI; this hits 1,200,000 that’s right 1.2 MILLION SCOVILLE UNITS.  Let’s put that into perspective, the scotch bonnet and habanero has a Scoville unit of just 350,000.  According to PepperHead For Life, there are only 16 other peppers, extracts or sauces out there hotter than this FBI concoction.  The hottest being a whopping 16,000,000,000 (16 BILLION), which is called Resiniferatoxin which for all you geeks out there who want to know what this is can click HERE

So let’s talk the actual food quality, I went for the Monster combo which can come with two sausages (you can choose either the pork, beef or one of both.  I went for the later).  This came with chips topped with onion and mayo and then a drink and two slices of bread. Tina went for a smaller option which had only one sausage and a smaller portion of chips.

The sausages were divine, if you are someone who likes a bigger portion then get two pork sausages as these were bigger than the beef ones.  The chips, I thought were frozen but upon looking again at the picture if they were, were pretty good ones.  Topped with onion, it was a shame these were raw as I do like real cooked, caramelised onions with chips.  The bread was German rye bread, which was great.  A gentle note, save a slice to mop up that incredible sauce that will be left on your plate.  Tina had the Honey Love sauce, and I went for the Jambalaya, we didn’t try any of the other flavourings to the sauces, but we did see a wall of faces on polaroids, these faces all looked like they had one thing in common.

They had all had the FBI heat to there sausage and eaten it all, that’s right some humans have evolved to withstand a heat just under four times that of a habanero pepper !!!  Of course, naturally I being the inquisitive fellow, asked for a solitary chip to be doused in this liquid fire, yep it was fine the first 10 seconds, and then I felt the fire build and not stop.  Eyes watering, eyes bloodshot and a feeling that the devil himself had unleashed the power of hell in my throat.  Nothing I could do could ease the pain, all I had was bloody diet coke.  Diet coke that did nothing but engine the flames more!

The second tip of the day, eat the FBI at your peril !!!

Value for Money

Well, the two meals combined came to 15.80€ which at the time cost us £11.36 really isn’t too bad for what we got.  Baring in mind that this was carnival weekend and all the other stalls on the main parade route were charging that price without chips or a drink we are very glad that we ended up walking that little bit further.

We don’t know obviously what the quality of there sausages was on the temporary stalls, but I’m pretty sure had people eaten at both there would be disappointed with paying for the stalls.

Right now finally, what did we walk into when we first arrived…


Well, you walk in, and you are greeted with two, yes just two high tables and probably four chairs.  This is not good if they are busy and you want to eat in, nor is it if you have more than four people in your party.

However what you do get is an excellent service, being in Germany and not even really a tourist area both workers behind the counter spoke English.  In fact, it was better English than many kids back in England can speak after 13 years at school!

We were lucky enough to get a seat which was nice to rest those legs and enjoy the food in relative comfort.

If you are anywhere within 50km of Mainz, we will take a trip down visit these guys and go and see the Mainz Cathedral.  You won’t be disappointed!

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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The Best Worscht in MainzWe were advised when staying in Zornheim that we needed to try curry worscht and the best place to do so was the aptly named place The Best Worscht. So let's get into the review. Well, we were given a map from our great couch...