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Caves of Nerja in Andalucia

We had spent many hours and days looking at the very best places to visit while in Andalusia.  When we looked at the Caves of Nerja we didn’t even look at the distance we would have to drive to get there.  The reviews and the photos on TripAdvisor were enough for us.

So let’s talk about the logistics of getting to this place.  We arrived by car, but if you get to Nerja or are in the surrounding areas, you can quickly get yourself a taxi.  The exact cost of all this I am not sure of, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get any change from the 20€ minimum.

For those of you who are looking or have the ability to drive there, the car part in the winter months (December when we went) was dead.  I think we were only one of about ten cars in the car park.  It does mention about having to pay 1€ for the privilege, but the barrier was always up, so I am not sure again if this was a permanently up of just and off-peak thing.  So just bare that in mind for when you set off to have 1€ ready for parking.

You get two types of entry; you can either choose to have an audio guide or not.  The cost of the website is a Euro more if you select the audio guide.  What you get for this is a 10-minute presentation (we missed half of it because you are not correctly shown how to use the headphone and small remote control) and, the opportunity to go in and see the caves in a small group, well our group consisted of about 15.  If you are lucky enough to have the same group size, you will undoubtedly benefit from getting some incredible views and pictures without having to wait for people to finish before you.

Inside the Caves

Well, nothing prepares you for what you are about to witness.

You start off in tow room in which you think wow, this is stunning.  The formations of the stalagmites and stalagtights, the way the water minerals drip and then solidify are just one of the wonders of the world.

You step down into another corridor and then you are left with your jaw hitting the floor.  You must be at least 20m off the floor, and you look up, and you can see the ceiling which must be another 20/30m up at its tallest.  Below is just some of the incredible pictures that were taken, please bare in mind though.  Although the pictures look as though there is a lot of light inside, I can assure you this is due to the lens on my Nikon D5300.

You don’t have a time limit to be out of the caves by, but that says the walk around should take about 40-45 minutes.  I mean this is a very good estimate as we went when it was quiet and I stopped and took hundreds of pictures of literally everything.  You end up in the small shop, really its just full of tat.  But we did play a nice trick on Tina and put one of the rubber creatures you can buy on her shoulder, and she convinced herself it was from the caves and was saying.  “I need to go back down and take it back”, was the funniest way to end off what was a great afternoon.

You can buy your tickets in advance online and just print off your tickets.  Your tickets if you purchase more than one will be on the single piece of paper, this will undoubtedly save you a massive potential queue in the summer months.

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