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Heading to the Town of Mijas Pueblo

I had seen this place, tucked up there on the mountains lording it up over the Costa del Sol.  Not quite knowing how to get there, so one day after looking at the trusted Apple Maps we took a drive along past Fuengirola and then north up towards the mountains.


You have many different food places in which you can feast your eyes upon, whether you want pizza or paella.  That’s, all we saw regarding food places.  However you can get yourself some incredible chocolate from the chocolate factory in Mijas.

One place we would highly recommend AVOIDING is Café Bar Plazabajo.  Why not have a read of our review of this place HERE.


Parking shouldn’t be a problem, you have a massive multi-storey, and you have ample on-street parking.  However, this was during December so you should take the fact there is so much parking with no guarantee from May through to August or even September.  From what we noticed, the parking was just 1€ for the whole day, this was the winter months and, although this would be great in the winter.  I cannot see them keeping that pricing for the summer months when they can and would get more without question asked.

When you are there, however, you will be greeted with some incredible views of the Costa del Sol below.

You will also see the Donkeys around the main square, be careful though as they will charge you just for taking pictures of the animals.  We just played ignorant and didn’t see the sign.  You will be disgusted by how these animals are treated, so we certainly did not endorse their people by paying to be taken on a ride with them.

All in all, you would really spend half a day up here, you could maybe squeeze it out to a full day if you eat out for both lunch and dinner.  But worth a visit just for the views alone.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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