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Could The Village Inn Give the Same Great Food Second Time Around?

The Village Inn, this is somewhere I had been on a previous visit to the south of Spain the summer of 2014 for my brothers 21st.

So was the Village Inn the same as it was 18 months previous? Let’s find out.


Well let me try and get this right. If you are heading east from Marbella you will need to come off before you even see the restaurant. However if you are heading west from Malaga along the A-7 you will go past Cabopino and you will see a collection of signs on a corner. You won’t see the restaurant but will see a sign for the Village Inn.

There is some parking which in the winter months is fine, however in the summer months that could be a different issue.

Food Quality

We are here a couple of times, both times I had the ham croquettes for start and the huge mahussive mixed grill for main.  Tina had the battered prawns followed by the sea bass (all dishes are pictured below).

Let’s talk the mixed grill; you got a massive amount of meat that would put the hardest of foodies into a food coma. You get the following, (deep inhale of breath) chicken breast, pork chop, spare ribs, lamb chop, sausage, blood sausage, vegetable kebab and jacket potato. We will discuss the prices later, but the meat is lovely. During the summer months, you can see your meat being cooked on the outside BBQ.

Tina had sea bass; I’d never seen her eat fish like this. You can see below it is the whole fish butterflied, all on the bone still. With a side salad and jacket potato.

I was to the full for pudding, but Tina had a helping of ice creams which she said was delicious. I’ll have to take her word for that.

Value for Money

Well, the costs compared to many other places along the Costa del Sol were slightly higher than you would expect. But still, in comparison to eating out in the UK, you would not find the same food for the same price.

We didn’t know what the bill came to as this was a meal out with family and they paid the bill for us before we got the chance to see it.


Well, when it comes to atmosphere Tony has done an excellent job. In the main seating area, you have a TV and plenty of oil heaters for those cold winter months. But in the summer you are still undercover, but with the sides of the marquee down, you get a sense of openness. Match that with the smells of the meat cooking on the BBQ and you are in for one great day or evening off food.

So weighing everything up, if you want to try something safe but very nice food then why not pop in and say hello to Tony and, the team.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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Could The Village Inn Give the Same Great Food Second Time Around?If you like your meat, come to The Village Inn during the summer. There BBQ are to die for. All cooked on their open BBQ.