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The Most Southerly Part Of Mainland Spain At Tarifa & Isla de Las Palomas

Such a stunning little small place in the province of Cádiz in Andalusia, on the southerly part coast of Spain but not only Spain but the most southerly spot in Europe too.

It is primarily known as one of the world’s most popular destinations for wind and water sports and I can see why. The beach stretched out for what seemed like hundreds of miles. It’s astonishing that most of the coastline is completely clear, it not littered with souvenir shops, and tons of restaurants or high rise apartment blocks selling that most stunning view. It was so refreshing just to see the clear blue sea and sand with its almost natural surroundings. The pictures we took here I think will stay with us forever. It was like we were photographing a small piece of paradise.

Isla de Las Palomas is the small but connected piece of land which used to the fully working port of Tarifa but the wars and invasions this site has now been closed to the general public. Which is a little bit of a shame that we couldn’t actually stand on the most southerly point but we got as dame close as we could.

The somewhat well-preserved Guzman castle, near the port, told its own story. You could see where the gunmen would be stationed, waiting for their orders. It was a real slice of history and told you about the battles the port had faced in the past.

History, stunning sights, blue sea, sandy beach and with the sun shining (even in December) what else could you ask for.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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