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Malaga Cathedral and Christmas Markets

We took a drive into Malaga to look at the town’s Christmas market, and we also wanted to visit the beautiful cathedral too.

So we parked just outside of town and wandered down the past the port and into the main town, as we were walking we come across the booths filled with Christmas stalls, but I have to say they lacked a little lustre for me.

It wasn’t quite hitting the spot with me because it wasn’t a British Christmas they were offering but a Spanish one. As I found this was entirely different indeed as it seems the traditional Spanish love creating rustic scenes of older times at Christmas. I would say every other booth was selling everything you could ask for, from little fruit and veg to small animals. It has its charm but not one that quite floated my boat.

We carried on walking towards town and came across the beautiful Malaga Cathedral. This was a mighty building and a truly incredible sight for your eyes. The intricate detail astonishing and I found myself just staring up in total ore, Lee’s photos of this place are stunning and definitely will be printed when we’re settled.

We, unfortunately, we couldn’t go in and see the inside of the Cathedral as it was closed, but we were lucky enough to get into the exhibition in a sectioned cordoned off.

This exhibition was massive, and I mean an enormous set up of a traditional Spanish rustic scene. It was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, it was filled with so much detail and must have taken months to set up. I know it wasn’t my kind of Christmas decoration but the Spanish people around me were utterly engrossed and took pictures after pictures of every single detail.

It was a fantastic atmosphere, and although we didn’t get to see the inside of the Cathedral, I’m still glad we went.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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