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Jati Luwih, Just One Of The Magnificent Bali Rice Terraces

We have seen so many Bali rice terraces from postcards and Pinterest.  This was on the list that Tina drew up for Bawa.  We had no idea where we were going; we certainly couldn’t direct you how to get there other than the name.  You do have to pay an entrance fee into the Provence itself.  This again is a small amount, around 30,000rp per person.

When you get to the top, hopefully, you have a stunning day as we did.  You will see thousands of acres of rice terraces as far as the eye can see.

2.5kg of rice seeds creates up to 2.5 tonnes of rice!

So let us tell you more about the rice terraces and the way these work; – cue rice history lesson 101.

  • So, you have two types of rice.  Black and hybrid (white) rice.  Depending on what you are cultivating depends on how much gets grown.  If you have 2.5kg of white rice, you will have a potential harvest of approximately 2.5 tonnes.  With the same quantity of black rice, you will only harvest about 1.5 metric tons.
  • Each rice plant gets sown 20cm apart.  This gives the plants the ultimate growth and maximising the space allowed.
  • So as you can see you have multi-levels of the rice growing.  You have the water source at the very top of the paddy fields.  For every 100sqm you need just one finger width to create a gap big enough for the fresh water to pass through the crop.
  • The plants themselves only sit in around 2cm of water.  Perfect for them, and keeps those pesky mosquitos away.  No getting bitten from one of those here.

So there you have it, a brief rice lesson for you.

The particular rice terraces we visited does get very busy.  It seems all the tour guides take tourists up here.  So get here early (you will see a theme for getting to places early to avoid heavy traffic).  Bring a camera and just bask in the beauty that is the real Bali.

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