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The Quite Magnificent Tanah Lot In Bali

So we headed to Tanah Lot early.  Like we were there by 9.00am!

It is certainly a must, the cost to enter was around 35,000rp per person.  You didn’t need to have a sarong to visit here like so many other temples in Bali.

So, Tanah Lot was a Temple that during high tide gets isolated from the mainland.  This little temple screams tourist.  From being able to have your photo taken with a snake.  Yes ladies and gents, a real live snake.  I have done this on a couple of occasions and was not going to pay well over the odds for it again.

When the tide is out like it was today.  You can walk right down to the base of the temple itself.  But please, please be careful.  I saw tourists risking their lives, just to get that perfect shot as huge waves hit the rocks.  It is hardly worth the risk peoples.  You also have down there a cave where a sea snake resides during low tide.  For a small donation, you can see this snake and touch if you so wish.  I was a big brave boy on both counts.  No sticker or lolly for me, though!

Great for the perfect Bali Sunset photo

I would be hard pushed to see how you could spend more than an hour here.  Yes, you do have some lovely, well-maintained gardens.  But there are so many more beautiful places you can visit.  More of which will be uploaded here over the coming few weeks.

Tanah Lot for us was a real must.  However, the best time to visit if you don’t mind the hoards of both tourists and locals.  Is to visit around sunset (6.00pm to 6.30pm).  You will get yourself the most incredible view that you will not find anywhere else in Bali.

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Lee Webber
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